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About Us

Mathematics is the abstract study of topics such as quantity, numbers, structure, space and change. One of the fundamental characteristics Mathematics is that, as a discipline, Maths is indefinable.

Maths is an effective way to describe the world. It has been called “language of the universe”.

The department is designed to develop strengths in maths and to enhance skills in both reasoning and problem solving, enabling students to logically, rationally and analytically approach questions in other academic areas, as well as in life situations.

We give the students the opportunity to explore Maths and learn through fun activities. At Aylesbury Vale Academy we believe in rigour, imagination and insight. We support young people to traverse levels of logic and abstraction, giving the tools to confidently measure, calculate and test, to see that Maths is the one truly universal language.

The Maths Team

Curriculum Leader / Assistant Principal: Mrs A Lutchi

“Maths and progress add up! Maths is an effective way to describe the world. Maths is fun, challenging and competitive! Taking a real world problem and creating and applying mathematical models to aid understanding is often hugely satisfying and rewarding.”

Vice Principal / Teacher of Maths: Mr K Ahmed

"I graduated from the University of Manchester in 1995 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. I then went on to complete my PGCE in Mathematics at Oxford University. I have worked in both middle and secondary schools in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

I have held numerous roles over the course of my career within education. These have included Head of Mathematics, Head of Year, and more recently, Assistant Principal Director of Behaviour. During my 21 years of teaching I have also had the opportunity to be a NUT rep, PTA chair, Staff Academy representative and Director of a DBMAC (Multi Academy Company compromising of 7 primary and a secondary school).

I passionately believe that not only is every child entitled to a good education but also they should be able to enjoy their time in school in a safe and encouraging environment.

In my spare time I enjoy going to cinema and captaining both my local Hockey and Cricket teams."

Teacher of Maths: Mrs E Dunlop

"I began my teaching Career as an LSA, whilst working with students from many different backgrounds I acquired my degree from Middlesex University and then my teaching qualification from Hertfordshire University.

Throughout my time in education I have had many different roles across my previous schools from teaching to pastoral.

Teaching the students here at AVA is really rewarding to see the progress that they are making and to see the determination that they must pass their GCSEs."   

Teacher of Maths: Mrs S White-Vassell

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela.

 I was born and grown up in Jamaica, I studied at Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville where I pursued a Teaching Diploma in Mathematics and further my studies at the University of the West Indies where I obtained my bachelor’s in education.

I have been a teacher of Mathematics for the past 9 years. My love for teaching allows me to help shape the minds of today’s generation with the education that has been bestowed upon me. My thoughts of being a teacher become increasingly clearer daily, as I love to work with children.

My interest in teaching mathematics came from the experience of helping others. I have always enjoyed learning mathematics, and I realized that I also like helping other people learn mathematics, especially those that struggle with it or those who have a disliking for it."

Teacher of Maths: Mrs S Griffiths

"I loved mathematics at school and when I was at university, I volunteered for an afternoon a week in a secondary school mathematics department. I knew I ultimately wanted to teach but I also wanted to experience the corporate world, so I worked as a Project Manager on large infrastructure projects after completing my degree in Economics from Exeter University. After 7 years I decided to retrain as a teacher and I now love teaching students of all abilities, particularly statistics and algebra."

Teacher of Maths: Mr K Laundry

"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human Spirit’ ( Stefan Banach)

"In my capacity as an educator, I endeavour to create learning environments that make everyone feel included, respected, and valued.

Learning environments should promote relationships that allow learners to think for themselves, ask questions and take intellectual risks while learning.

Consequently, my priority is to support learners in creating connections between Mathematical concepts and everyday experiences in an environment that is low-threat and challenging."

Teacher of Maths: Mrs B Harington-Fuller

Mrs Harington-Fuller is a South African born educator. She is originally trained as (and worked as) Winemaker and Viticulturist, with a specialist B.Sc degree, and has over 10 years’ experience in adult education and training for various sectors. As part of her experience in adult education, she developed standardised learning materials for the South African government and industry specialists. Mrs Hatington-Fuller started teaching in a high school environment in South Africa in 2013 and obtained her PGCE qualification. Bernice has taught various disciplines, including Science, Biology, Computer Applications and Maths. Bernice currently teach Maths at AVA. Mrs Harington-Fuller is married to a British citizen and the family have moved to the UK in 2020.

Teacher of Maths: Miss K Robinson

Details to follow.

Teacher of Maths: Mr D Govender

Details to follow.

Teacher of Maths: Miss N Wignall

" I completed my PGCE in Mathematics at the University of Buckingham in 2016. I have worked in both primary and secondary schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and on both the academic and pastoral sides of education. I see my role as supporting young people to achieve of their very best."

Teacher of Maths: Miss O Burgess

Details to follow.

Teacher of Maths: Mr P Daley

Details to follow.

Teacher of Maths: Mrs S Hassard 

Details to follow.

Teacher of Maths: Miss A Waugh

Details to follow.


We are currently following a five year scheme of work, Key Stage 3 taking two years and Key Stage 4 for the final three years of the curriculum.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 students follow a differentiated scheme of work based on assessments at the beginning of the year. Students will either follow:

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Pi

We focus on developing personal learning and thinking skills to provide a solid foundation and embed functional aspects of mathematics in our work. Students will cover 10 units over the course of the year and will be assessed by their class teacher at the end of each unit, as well as end of term examinations. All assessments are used to track their progress and decide on intervention strategies if and when needed.

Numeracy Ninjas

In order to support numeracy skills for all students, students in year 7 start lessons with 30 questions covering mental strategies, time tables and key skills that will support students progress in Maths. Students have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as possible; these tasks are completed for every lesson and students are able to see their progression throughout the various belts. Each session is recorded on a spreadsheet which also states student’s average belt throughout the year. Students are able to work through from white belt to black belt in numeracy skills.

Exam Practise

Students in years 8-11 work on 5 questions at the beginning of each lesson covering topics that they will encounter throughout the year/have already encountered to aid them with revision. Students have 5 minutes to answer as many of the questions as possible; these tasks are completed for every lesson and students are able to see their progression throughout the year.

Key stage 4 Curriculum

GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory subject which starts in year 9 covering 19-20 units throughout the three years. We currently follow the Edexcel examination board.

Students will then sit 3 examination papers in either Foundation or Higher tier at the end of the course.

  • Paper 1: Non calculator (1F/1H)
  • Paper 2: Calculator (2F/2H)
  • Paper 3: Calculator (Problem Solving) (3F/3H)


Homework is set for all students on a weekly basis and should take no longer than an hour each week.

Key stage 3 homework will contain 20 questions on topics which students will cover over the course of the year. Each tier will be structured to support student’s progress. Each tier of homework is a 10 week programme after which class teachers will evaluate the student’s progress.  

Key Stage 4 homework will consist of exam practise. Each week students will receive questions from previous exam papers for students to attempt. Some questions may be new for students as they will not have covered all aspects of the course, this will support students independent learning and enable them to research methods prior to teaching.

Each week a lesson will be dedicated to going through homework answers emphasising on method work for both key stages in order to support the progress of students understanding.

Homework will be provided to students as a paper copy each week, it will also be uploaded on to the Show my Homework platform; should students lose their paper copy then they will be able to download it from show my homework in order to hand it in on time.

Schemes of work

Extra-Curricular Activities


Maths revision classes are regularly organised for our students preparing for GCSE during term time. In addition to this year 11 students  receive a comprehensive range of Maths revision aids such as tutorial videos which covers all areas of GCSE, revision guides, revision work books, apps to support progress as well as sets of past exam papers.

Maths Trips

We work on our students being able to problem solve in our lessons and inspire a new enthusiasm for the subject by organising trips which allow our students to discover how Maths is applied in the real world.  They are able to make links between maths, nature and other area enabling them to appreciate how the subject is crucial to all aspects of everyday life.


  • Maths challenges (Junior, Intermediate and Senior)
  • “Why Further Maths?” day
  • Maths conferences
  • Stem Challenges
  • Numeracy Ninjas
  • SuperTmatik competition

Useful Links

Maths Genie
Corbett Maths
Parentpay (links to revision textbooks)

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