The Aylesbury Vale Academy Prefects are a group of students from Year 11 who are committed to helping the school community as well as representing the school highly.

Every Friday, the Year 11 prefect team meets to discuss a set agenda, which varies every week, but the main objective is to make a difference. The Head Prefects also meet on Tuesdays to discuss what will be discussed in Friday meetings, as well as future goals. Meetings are chaired by Mrs. Blake-Huggins and the Head Prefects.


Previously we had done an Afro Caribbean bake sale which happened on: Wednesday 8th November 2023

Huge success a lot of students turned up at break and lunch to purchase the food as well as many staff members who enjoyed, got much positive feedback and in regard to the charity we were sponsoring ‘Generating Geniuses'.

Upcoming news

  • In the next few weeks, we will be re-launching year 7 mentoring, which we believe is essential to improving spelling and reading within the year group.  
  • The prefect team will be joined but student parliament on Friday 9th February for the bake sale to support Valentines were calling it: ‘True hearts day’


  • In support of 'Generating Geniuses', all proceeds from the Afro-Carribean bake sale went to charity. Through work experience, business challenge days, and other engagement activities, they aim to inspire and motivate the next generation of STEM leaders from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Through the 'Save the Children's' Christmas Jumper Day campaign, we raised £619.89 all donated to help people in need, especially those caught up in ongoing conflicts.

Academy Prefect Leadership Members:

  • Head Prefect: Munashe N
  • Head Prefect: Sophia D
  • Deputy Head Prefect: Leo C & Aaditiya A
  • Deputy Head Prefect: Akisharra J & Patrycja M

Other members of the Prefect team:

Angel A, Ben B, Callum W, Carla P, Chantai C, Daniel F, Dhwani P, Eda H, Elanor C, Emily M, Fahtima A, Haleena P, Hannah J, Hannah S, Henry P, Ines D, Isabella H, Jamini V, Janhavi K, Karol K, Khadeeja B, Kundhana P, Lara B, Lucy S, Musa K, Phoebe P, Raqayya S, River G, Robert E, Sabah K, Sheza R Victoria R.