Good morning Preschool!

Sorry we can't be with you today- the wind is very powerful and we want to keep you safe and warm, at home. 

We have had so much fun learning about space this week! Please continue to find out more, that you can tell us about on Evidence me!

We have some lovely communication and language activities for you, based on communication week. You can share these activities with us, by uploading to evidence me, where we will eagerly await some pictures and videos of you, (thanks grown ups)!

Can you sing our hello song to your grown ups?

'Hello friends, hello friends 

It's time to say hello'

When you tidy up, can you sing our tidy up song?

'Put things back where they belong,  put things back where they belong,  ready for later!'

It is Fun Friday - so we want you to enjoy some free time as well, to choose you favourite toy and play, play, play! Can you tell your grown up to post a video of you talking about your toy? Why is it so special?

What is fun about it?

When did you get it?

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday March the 1st.

Have a happy and safe half term!

Mrs Clark and the Preschool Team ❤