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Home Learning During Pupil Isolation

Home learning activities and resources for children in Nursery through to Year 6 will be posted on the applicable Home Learning page here, should the need arise.

Year Group Email Addresses

We encourage communication through the year group email addresses, which are manned during school hours. Primary school staff are able to answer most questions quickly and easily via email communication.

Nursery - nurseryenquiries@theacademy.me

Reception - yearrenquiries@theacademy.me

Year 1 - year1enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 2 - year2enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 3 - year3enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 4 - year4enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 5 - year5enquiries@theacademy.me

Year 6 - year6enquiries@theacademy.me

School Cloud

Aylesbury Vale Academy subscribes to School Cloud which is a web-based system that connects families and teachers by video call for virtual meetings. For further information please click on the letters and guide below.

School Cloud - Primary Parent Guide