Dear Dolphins and Turtles

We are very sad we can't spend time learning with you today, but we hope you have a good rest next week ready for your new learning in the coming half term.

This week we are ending our topic "Super me, Super you" and all the superheroes we have thought about this half term haven't been able to fly or worn a cape and mask, but they help us every day.

This week we have have read about "Zippo the Super Hippo" by Kes Grey and encouraged you to think about your own superpowers and what you can do.

Today please spend some time looking at our presentation from Wednesday... 'I can.pdf' and think about what you can do. Can you draw your superpower and write a sentence to tell us what it is? Remember to use Fred Fingers to sound out the words and use your phonics to help you. Your adult can send us a photograph of your work via Evidence Me. 

You can see the slides from our presentation here...

In maths we have been learning about 3d shapes this week can you remember their names? You can remind yourself by watching this song about 3d shapes...

The Maths Channel, Year 1 - 3D Shapes, The 3D shape song - BBC 

A song about 3D shapes and their properties. A fun song about the properties of 3D shapes such as cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders and cones.

Next watch this video about 3d shapes in the kitchen

Cubes and cuboids in the kitchen

Many different cube and cuboid shapes can be found in the kitchen.


Finally, please take some time today to look at some books and if possible, read with and adult. Can you find some 3d shapes in your kitchen at home? Can you take a photograph and name them? You can send your photo to Evidence Me to show your teachers what you can do. Maybe you could even build a model using the shapes you find. What will you build?

Have a great half term and we will see you all on the 1st of March.

Kind wishes the EYFS Reception team 


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