What follows is a list of websites and digital platforms that AVA staff both use with students in the classroom and recommend for use whilst students are away from school.  

Secondary Learning Sites

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 – for students to access their email accounts, One Drive, MS Teams and other Microsoft tools

Remote learning is conducted using MS Teams. Students and parents/carers are advised of arrangements as and when the need arises.

BBC Bitesize
Lots of revision videos and skills practice activities available.

KS4 students can use this site for revision and many homework tasks are set through this site.

Music First
For those studying Music in Year 10 and Year 11.

For Secondary Mathematics:

Minecraft for Education

The student Office 365 accounts have access to the Minecraft Educational Edition. This version of Minecraft comes with a large number of lessons created by educators for a range of subjects.

Remote Learning Policy

Click here to view and download the AVA Remote Learning Policy.