Secondary Phase Student Council

The Aylesbury Vale Academy Student Council is made up of students from across the Academy and provides a forum where issues can be discussed and acted on. 

The Secondary Phase School Council is made up of two representatives from each year group.  They are elected by their peers and attend meetings that are chaired by the Head Girl and Head Boy every two weeks.

Student Council Updates


  • We have noticed that a lot of the rubbish in the atrium could actually be recycled, so we are planning on launching some recycling schemes over the next few weeks.
  • There are already bins for different recyclable waste and it would be brilliant if we all started to use them a bit better than we currently do.
  • We have managed to get the school leadership to agree to buy more recycling bins for paper waste from the classrooms on the top floor and we are going to sign up with a scheme run by Walkers crisps to try and raise money for charity by collecting used crisp packets for recycling.

Cleaning Up Litter

  • Many of us, along with Year 10 Prefects, have been picking up litter at the end of break and lunch as well as in the atrium before form starts every morning.
  • Often the amount of litter has been pretty bad but it has definitely improved in the last few weeks.
  • We would really appreciate it if you used the bins, especially for food waste as this is often hard to grab with the litter pickers we have bought.

Catering at AVA

  • Council members have recently been involved in the bidding process for the catering contract at AVA. 
  • Every few years the Academy can decide whether to continue with the current company (HCL) or choose a new one.
  • We reviewed the menus for food that will be on offer and tasted some of the food produced by all the companies bidding.  We then gave our feedback to the companies and the school leadership.
  • We will be able to share the outcome of this process with you soon once a final contract is agreed.

Aylesbury Foodbank

Recently 24 students from both the Primary and Secondary phases (Years 4 – 10) visited Aylesbury Food Bank to deliver the fantastic donations from parents, carers, and staff. Donations were weighed and totaled a fantastic 136kgs!

The students were welcomed by a wonderful volunteer called Richard took time to explain how the food bank runs and how important donations are to our community.

The School Parliament and School Council members would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who was able to donate! We are looking forward to running this again next year, to continue to help the Aylesbury community.

Academy Council Members

Head Boy: TBC

Head Girl: TBC

Deputy Head Boy: TBC

Deputy Head Girl: TBC

Year 11 Representatives

– to be elected.

Year 10 Representatives

- to be elected.

Year 9 Representatives

– to be elected.

Year 8 Represenatatives

– to be elected.

Year 7 Representatives

- to be elected.