Week 7 - wc 4 May 2020

Welcome Dolphins & Turtles to Week 7!

Dear Dolphins and Turtles,

Hello and welcome to another week of home learning. We have seen some great observations uploaded again this week on Evidence me and we hope you are enjoying using the app.

We hope that your child is finding it easy to access the home learning we are planning. How are they finding it? We are trying to keep the learning opportunities open and accessible to all families. Please upload a little description, if you can, of the observation and the ‘child-speak’ (the actual words the children say). This is really helpful in assessing their development.

If you have not yet been able to access Evidence me, check your spam folder. There are still some children who do not have an active email attached to their account. If you have any queries you can email Mrs Clark on:

Proud Cloud (see below)

It would be fantastic if you could complete the proud cloud and upload to Evidence Me to tell us all about it. It is super important to express to the children how we are so proud of them even for the smallest things.

We regularly say at school that they are being a good ‘role-model' for the way that they conduct themselves in the setting. We also talk a lot about being ‘respectful’ to each other and the importance of listening to each other. 

We miss you children! Stay well.🙂

Mrs Clark❤ and Miss Worth ❤