Pupils participate in a daily act of worship, usually involving a story, prayer and a song.  Children and staff join together as a school family (as a whole school or in smaller groups) to  affirm, celebrate and learn about the school’s Christian values and to respond to events in the life of the school and the community at large and to learn about Christian tradition.  Through song, prayer and reflection, pupils have an opportunity to go beyond the everyday and to worship God.  This helps to develop an appreciation of what it means to be human: to understand ourselves and to make sense of the world around us and of how we relate to one another.

Loving God,
This is our school.
Let peace live here.
Let the rooms be full of happiness.
Let love live here:
love of one another, love of mankind,
love of life itself and love of God.
Let us remember that;
as many hands build a house,
so many hearts make a school.

faith, respect, equality, aspiration, creativity and service.

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