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Contact Details


Tel: 01296 255395

Year 11 Achievement Director

Mrs R Leach


Assistant Achievement Director

Mr M Lobb:

The Year 11 Team

Pastoral support

Mrs S Porter:

Year 11 Tutors

  • 11 Faraday 1 - Miss C Whooley/Mrs S Michhiana
  • 11 Faraday 2 - Ms S White-Vassell
  • 11 Faraday 3 - Miss H Miller
  • 11 Franklin 1 -  Mrs L Finnie
  • 11 Franklin 2 - Mr T Morrison
  • 11 Franklin 3 - Ms N Doyle
  • 11 Nobel 1 -  Mr P Daley
  • 11 Nobel 2 - Mr E Constantine-Cort
  • 11 Nobel 3 - Mrs P Blackstock-Barnaby

Exams & Revision

Getting The Grade

How are we supporting your child this year?

This year we have put the following in place:​

  • Period 6​
  • Tutor time revision​
  • Micro-forms​
  • PLCs​
  • GCSE Pod​
  • Pre-mocks​
  • Mocks​
  • Careers advice​
  • University passport days

Why do you need to help your child develop independence?

  • The reformed GCSEs and A Levels are more challenging​
  • To get top marks in many of the qualifications, students need to be able to have read widely and think critically​
  • At Sixth Form, College, University and the world of work, people expect young people to be independent​
  • We need to get them ready for the next stage of their lives​
  • They need to take ownership of their own learning

How can you help your child?

  • Guiding but not instructing​
  • Not doing it for them but encouraging them to use you as a sounding board​
  • Helping to create the right atmosphere for success – somewhere where they can focus


GCSE Pod is one on the school’s online learning sites that supports students, teacher and parents to prepare for qualification examinations.

The site is essentially a revision tool and the GCSE Pods are designed for any device and can be watched both in and out of school. It’s a bit like carrying a huge pile of textbooks with you everywhere!

Each pod has experts reading and explaining everything clearly including all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and diagrams on screen.

Students won’t need to use it for long to feel the impact. Consistent use in brief 10-minute sessions is proven to support achievement right up to A* (0-9). GCSE Pod is used for personal independent study and revision but your subject teachers and Year Teams will also direct you to specific pods they would like you to watch as part of a directed study programme.

GCSE Pod Links for Students

Login: Once students have their signing-up user and password, they can log into their account here:

Quick Start: Video for Students “Quick Start to GCSE Pod”

Forgotten Password?: If you have forgotten your password, click here where you can have it resent to your registered email account. Alternatively, you can ask your Progress Leader or Head of Year to help to reset your password.

GCSE Pod Links for Parents

Useful Exams and Revision resources can be found here.