Good morning, 

As we have had to close our school today, please look to complete the following activities which we would have done today in school. Where we have attached PDF’s, there is no expectation to print. Please use these on-screen and record your answers on paper. We would love to see your work, so please bring this in with you when we return on Tuesday 1st March 2022. Maths: Counting in pound coins. Please watch the video, pausing when needed to think and answer questions. Then answer the questions on the worksheet provided (here).


Remember to show your workings out

Literacy: Cold Write 

To prepare us for next term, we would like you to produce a cold write on an Adventure Story, about a child meeting an alien! This is a piece of writing that you need to do independently. Spend 10 minutes planning, thinking about your characters and what they might see, do and say. Then write it up! Think about all of the wonderful features you have been using in your writing. 

Reading Comprehension: How The Turtle Got His Shell 

Please complete the reading comprehension provided (here), choosing the challenge that suits you best. 

Remember to read the text first, then go back to find answers, making sure to provide evidence. 

* is Hot, ** is Extra Hot and *** is Flamin’ Hot 

Topic: Stone Age to Iron Age 

Next half term we will be looking at how the Stone Age progressed to the Bronze and then Iron age. To prepare you for this, we would like you to spend some time researching and finding out all about the Bronze Age. See if you can find answers to the questions below: 

  • Why was it called the Bronze Age? How did people live? 
  • How Is the Bronze Age different to the Stone Age? 
  • What tools did they use? 
  • What did they eat? 
  • What were their houses like? 

See if you can WOW us with your knowledge, next half term! 

P.E: Go Noodle 

As we would have had our Dance lesson this afternoon, we would like you to practice 3 dances, or more, from Go Noodle! Make sure to get your heart pumping and have fun! 


SPRING 2022 

Please find below links which take you to the Year 3 online learning. These links contain videos to watch, along with activities to complete. 

We would like one English, one Maths and one other subject (of your choice) to be completed each day whilst you are at home. 


This is a 10-lesson unit looking at instruction writing.  Work through the video for each lesson (one a day) and complete the activities as directed. Once complete there is a further 5-lesson unit on different sentence types. 


This is a unit exploring multiplication and division.  Work through the video for each lesson (one a day) and complete the activities as directed. 


This is a 6-lesson unit learning all about investigating soils. Work through the video for each lesson and complete the activities as directed. 


This half-term, the Year 3 topic is Footsteps in Time. Follow the link and find out about the world in the prehistoric time!


  • Please remember to read every day – try to read aloud to an adult and make sure you understand what you are reading. Try to look up any new words that you find! 
  • Practise your times tables and arithmetic skills – there are lots of online games to play