Year 10 Work Experience - 10th - 14th June 2024

All students in Year 10 will be on work experience from Monday the 10th June 2024 to Friday the 14th June 2024

During this period there will be no classes – each day all students will be at the workplaces of their host employer.

Work experience gives students the chance to learn about what type of job they might enjoy and to develop their CVs. We know it can be one of the most transformational experiences young people have during their education.

Students, with the help of their families, should source their own work experience placements. The Careers team and Achievement Director will do their best to find placements for any students who have been unable to find their own, but because we have limited resources we expect to only be able to help a few students.

We are using Unifrog to manage the administration of the work experience programme – for example, collecting information from the employer about their Risk Assessment and Health & Safety policy, as well as getting agreement from parents/carers for the placement to go ahead.

Some important logistics:

  • Students need to agree the placement with the employer first, and then students will get the ball rolling by adding the placement to their Unifrog account (they’ll find the Placements tool on their Unifrog homepage).
  • The Unifrog system will then email the employer, the parent / guardian, and the school, to collect the necessary information and permissions. For the process to work, it’s essential that students add the initial information about the placement accurately.

Finding out more:

Unifrog have created a set of guides about placements which you can find here.
Within this set of guides, this is the best one to start with (it includes a short animation of how the whole process works).

Next steps:
Please read the placement guides on Unifrog, and then start contacting possible hosts for the placement.

If you have any questions, contact Mrs Marina, Careers Lead, at