World Maths Day - Huge Success!

World Maths Day was celebrated on Wednesday 8 March with 60 students from both the Primary and Secondary phases participating in a global maths challenge. 

This was an amazing opportunity to get both phases together to learn and enjoy a bit of Maths. The students were well-behaved and felt very supported by staff. 

There were over 12000 schools participating globally and here are the global stats: 

  • Year 6: 38th 
  • Year 7: 46th 
  • Year 8: 54th 
  • Years 9-10: 39th 

With more than 112,230 students from 2,427 schools competing across the UK alone, here are our rankings: 

  • Year 6: 10th 
  • Year 7: 9th 
  • Year 8: 8th 
  • Years 9-10: 4th 

Our top students were Abhinav D (Year 6), Dihein W (Year 8), Isabella P (Year 9) and Jonathan C (KS4). 

These results are a huge success for our students for putting their maths skills to the test in a Live Mathletics arena going up against hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.