Primary - Inspirational Football and MFL Talk

Last Thursday, Steve Eadon, from Mingalaba, visited Primary to talk about football and languages.

Steve, a former Arsenal Football coach, came to school to enlighten students about how languages and football go hand in hand. He inspired them by showcasing the exciting opportunities that foreign languages offer as they progress through life.

Steve studied German at school and even went to live in Germany during his time at university. He was also able to live in Spain and see lots of Real Madrid and Barcelona matches. Whilst working for Arsenal, he was able to teach about football in many different countries such as: Kenya, Barbados and Myanmar.

Steve founded Mingalaba with one clear mission: to inspire and excite young language learners. Since then, he has dedicated his time to visiting schools, where he conducts motivational talks, workshops, and engaging sessions combining football and language learning.

We all think that learning French and Spanish is a really good idea now!