Primary School Celebrating Sports Week: A Week of Fun and Fitness!

This week, our students had the fantastic opportunity to try out a range of different sports and practice for our upcoming sports days. The activities were diverse and exciting, making Sports Week a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Monday kicked off with children trying their hand at badminton, exploring the skills and techniques of this fast-paced sport.

Tuesday brought an engaging session with JWT from Aylesbury Tennis Club, where students learnt tennis fundamentals and enjoyed friendly matches.

Wednesday was action-packed with a KS2 football tournament. We were thrilled to have Jack and Nick from YDP join us, providing expert guidance and encouraging sportsmanship.

Thursday featured a visit from Eddie and Tyler of Oxford United. They shared their exhilarating experiences of playing at Wembley, inspiring our young athletes. We also welcomed Debbie and Laura from Stoke Mandeville Stadium, who delivered an informative talk on water safety.

Friday capped off the week with a celebration of Olympic and Paralympic Day. Students participated in various sports and learnt about the Olympic values, emphasising the importance of determination, resilience, and teamwork.

Throughout the week, we were immensely impressed with the students' determination and resilience in trying out new sports. Their enthusiasm and hard work truly made Sports Week a success!