Principal's Office

Mr G Gibson Principal
Mrs E Perrin HR Lead

primary staff

Primary School Leadership Team
Mrs C Baughan Headteacher
Mrs S O'Neill Deputy Headteacher
Mrs E Jefford Assistant Principal and SENDCo
Miss C Gonzalez Key Stage One Leader
Mrs V Haydon Lower School Lead Practitioner
Miss L Granville Lower Key Stage Two Leader
Mr J Sandalls Upper School Lead Practitioner
Mrs N Foulger Upper Key Stage Two Leader
Mrs Z Clark Early Years Leader
Teaching Team
Mrs Z Clark Pre-school
Mrs V Haydon Reception - Dolphins
Mrs A Smith
Mrs F Boyle
Reception - Turtles
Miss E Large
Miss Pickett
Year 1 - Pumas
Year 1 - Tigers
Miss L Granville
Mrs J Shaw
Year 2 - Panthers
Year 2 - Leopards
Mr J Sandalls
Mr J Trundley
Year 3 - Penguins
Year 3 - Artic Foxes
Mr M Johnson
Miss H Mclean
Year 4 - Eagles
Year 4 - Falcons
Mrs N Foulger
Miss G Russell
Mrs Parker
Year 5 - Red Squirrels
Year 5 - Hedgehogs
Year 5 - Otters
Mrs F Stewart
Mr L Jackson
Year 6 - Orang-utans
Year 6 - Gorillas
Mrs F Boyle
Mrs E Conway
Mrs S Longmate
Mrs C Hood
Miss C Churchill
Working across the school
Learning Support Team
Miss C Scrivener
Miss C Barber
Mrs S Thomas
Mrs Tunbridge
Pre-school Support
Mrs S Gibbons
Mr J Archer
Mrs T Bowles
Mrs A Benson
Year 1
Mrs J Matton
Miss S Evans
Year 2
Mrs K Upton
Mrs M Evans
Year 3
Mrs J Brooks
Miss K Foulger
Year 4
Mr J Wright
Mrs B Soutter
Miss L Sinclair
Year 5
Mrs H Heal
Mrs A Nicholls
Year 6
Mrs H Heal
Mrs T Bowles
Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Doherty Assistant SENCo Primary Phase
Mrs A Nicholls
Ms Z Hickman
Cover Supervisor
Ms H Bryant HLTA (Primary and Secondary)
School Business Team
Mrs M Hastings Headteacher's PA and School Office Manager
Mrs E Scanlan Administrative Assistant
Miss B Goldsack Pupil Support Officer
Mrs D Cox
Miss K Turner
Lunchtime Supervisor

secondary staff


Miss C Dadson Curriculum Leader - Art
Mr D Scarlett Teacher of Art
Miss N Walsh Teacher of Art
Miss L Green Teacher of Art


Mrs P Marina Curriculum Leader - Business Studies
Mr E Constantine-Cort Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs G McGowan Teacher of Business Studies


Miss V Carr Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs C David Teacger of Computer Science


Mrs P Sharma Curriculum Leader - DT
Mr D Anandavasagar Teacher of DT
Miss A Nath Teacher of DT (MATERNITY LEAVE)
Miss C Whooley Teacher of DT
Ms C Pearce Teacher of Health & Social Care


Mr R Cooper Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - English
Mrs P Blackstock-Barnaby Teacher of English
Mr R Duhaney Teacher of English
Mr G Gibson Principal/Teacher of English
Mrs E Jefford SENDCO/Assistant Principal/Teacher of English
Miss E Kitter Assistant Principal/Teacher of English
Ms M Nair Teacher of English
Mrs T Oldfield Teacher of English
Miss M O'Loughlin Teacher of English/ Curriculum Leader PSHCE
Mrs J Thomas Teacher of English
Mr P Walker Teacher of English
Ms N Doyle Teacher of English
Mrs C Read Teacher of English


Mrs A Smyth Curriculum Leader - Geography
Mrs K Briggs Assistant Principal/Teacher of Geography
Miss U Mehmeti Teacher of Geography
Mr B Williamson Teacher of Geography


Mrs S Michhiana Curriculum Leader - History
Mr H Hawley Teacher of History
Mr M Ramsbottom Teacher of History


Miss A Lutchi
Curriculum Leader - Maths/Assistant Principal
Mr K Ahmed Assistant Principal/Teacher of Maths
Mrs E Dunlop Teacher of Maths 
Mr D Govender Teacher of Maths
Mrs B Harington-Fuller Teacher of Maths
Mr K Laundry Teacher of Maths
Mrs S White Vassell Teacher of Maths
Miss K Robinson Teacher of Maths
Ms S White-Vassell Teacher of Maths
Miss N Wignall Teacher of Maths
Mrs M Hewitt Teacher of Maths
Miss O Burgess Teacher of Maths
Mr P Daley Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Hassard Teacher of Maths
Miss A Waugh Teacher of Maths


Miss V Proud Curriculum Leader - Media
Mrs R Leach Achievement Director Year 11/Teacher of Media
Mrs L Hallam Teacher of Media


Miss I Ferrer-Molina Curriculum Leader - MFL
Miss A Felipe-Ruiz Teacher of MFL
Mrs S Camacho  Teacher of MFL
Ms A Chony Teacher of MFL


Mr C Hallam Curriculum Leader - Performing Arts
Miss Z Ballard Teacher of Performing Arts 
Mrs C Brooks Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs L Finnie Teacher of Performing Arts
Miss J Kissick Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs Z Stefanczyk Teacher of Performing Arts


Miss L Fuller Curriculum Leader - PE
Miss C Fleetwood Assistant Principal/Teacher of PE
Miss J Gibbs Assistant Principal/ Teacher of PE 
Mrs A Haynes Teacher of PE
Ms L Pinker Teacher of PE
Mr T Verity Teacher of PE
Miss J Walker Teacher of PE
Mr N Wakefield Teacher of PE


Miss O'Loughlin Curriculum Leader PSHE and RSE


Ms K Hanmer Curriculum Leader - Religious Studies
Mr S Mumford Teacher of Religious Studies
Mrs G Walters Teacher of Religious Studies


Mrs C Kirk Assistant Principal/Curriculum Leader - Science
Mrs K Blake-Huggins Teacher of Science
Mr M Carr Teacher of Science
Mrs C Jones-Rayson Teacher of Science
Mrs E McKenzie-Scarlett Teacher of Science
Mrs C McKenzie-Thornley Teacher of Science
Miss S McLeod Teacher of Science
Mrs M Senior-Brown Teacher of Science
Mr A West Vice Principal/Teacher of Science
Miss J Williams Teacher of Science


Mrs V Crumpton Teacher
Miss C Wise Teacher

secondary non-teaching staff

Ms A Chony Cover Supervisor
Mrs S McMeekan Cover Supervisor


Mrs E Jefford SENDCO (Althrough)/Assistant Principal
Ms S Dutson Assist. SENDCO/Achievement Dir. Year 7
Mrs D Campbell SENDCO Admin
Miss S Bibi Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Blackstock Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Burles Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Grigoriadi Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Lipson Learning Support Assist./Successmaker
Mrs I Manning Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Mahadewan Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Payne Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Rohde-Patterson Learning Support Assistant/EAL Office
Mrs D Powell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Radaram Learning Support Assistant
Mr L Vassell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Wright Learning Support Assistant
Ms H Bryant HLTA (Primary & Secondary)


Mrs D Powell Year 7
Mrs B Steedman Year 8
Miss S Porter Year 9
Mrs D Collins Year 10
Ms L Freshwater Year 11 & Post-16
Mrs M Aslam Education, Welfare & Attendance Officer
Mrs G O'Callaghan Education, Welfare & Attendance Officer Support
Ms T Toohey Admissions Officer


Ms S Dutson Year 7
Mrs A Lloyd Year 8
Mr N O Leary Year 9
Ms L Pinker Year 10
Mrs R Leach Year 11
Mrs P Sharma Post-16


Mrs E Perrin HR Lead


Miss G Lambourne Performance Data Manager
Miss S Collins Exams Officer Data Assistant and Cover Officer


Mrs S Cooper School Business Manager
Mr S Hickey Finance Manager
Mrs T Botha Finance Assistant
Mrs A Bacchus Facilities Manager
Mr A Doherty Lettings Manager
Mr J Brett Groundsman
Mrs T Sutton AVA Receptionist
Mrs M Crane AVA Receptionist


Mr A Cluett Librarian
Mrs M Kirkham Child Protection Officer
Mrs L Smith Child Protection Officer
Mrs S Moore School Counsellor
Miss L Ripley Medical Support Officer


Miss S Cleave Science Technician
Mrs A Parsons Science Technician
Mrs H Voigt DT Technician
Mrs T Edmonds DT Technician


Mr D Cox Network Manager
Mr R Worbey Senior ICT Technician


Mr T Dean Media Resources Manager