Preschool Admissions

The Aylesbury Vale Academy Preschool, part of the Academy’s primary phase, has a distinctive Christian ethos, which is at the centre of school life. We provide an inclusive, supportive and caring environment, shaped by Christian values, in which children can learn and flourish. We welcome applications from all members of the community without reference to ability or aptitude, and irrespective of whether they are of the Christian faith, another faith or no faith, but we expect parents to respect the Christian ethos of our school.  

The governors have made every effort to ensure that these arrangements comply with the School Admissions Code 2014 and all relevant legislation, including that on infant class sizes and equal opportunities.  

This policy applies to admission to the school’s preschool. The Aylesbury Vale Academy Primary Phase (from Reception through to Year 6) has its own admissions policy, which is available here.

A place in the preschool, or an offer of a place in the preschool, does not guarantee admission to the school – All parents must apply for a school place through the Buckinghamshire Council admission scheme.  

Our offering for places within the Preschool are as follows:

  • We have availability for a maximum of 48 x 15 hour places, (24 x morning and 24 x afternoon) and 24 places for 30 hours.   

(Please see the Preschool admissions policy below for further guidance).

Applying for a place in the Preschool  

Admission is by application only. If you are considering this pre-school for your child, please request a Pre-school Application link by emailing the school on the following address  

Where places are available, the school will allocate places in accordance with the published criteria, on the following dates (or the next school day following these dates):  

Deadline for applications 

For admission in  

Notified by 

1st April  


End of May  

1st August  

Spring Term  

End of September  

1st December  

Summer Term  

End of January  

(Please see the Preschool admissions policy below for further guidance).