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The Aylesbury Vale Academy is a rapidly improving Church Academy with a strong sense of purpose and achievement based upon faith, respect, equality, aspiration, creativity and service.


Here are some of the comments made by Ofsted, students currently at AVA and prospective parents.

"The executive principal's inspirational leadership has enabled a rapid improvement across all areas of the academy". OFSTED January 2019

“The clear impression we have from our visits is that of a school with an exciting future. We have no hesitation in putting Aylesbury Vale Academy as our first choice school.” ... written in a letter to the Mr Burman (Executive Principal) by a very impressed, prospective parent who attended both the Open Evening and Open Morning at the Academy (October 2018).
I've just returned home from an evening at the Waterside theatre, where I went to watch my daughter alongside other AVA students perform in tonight's Energize concert.

I wanted to send an email to you to simply say WOW! What a brilliant way to open a show. The talent oozed out of the students and I certainly felt proud that we were part of the Academy showcasing themselves in front of the town.

Keep up the hard work, AVA is definitely on the up and you will always have my support. 

My favourite thing about lessons in AVA is that the teachers try to help you as much as possible.
My favourite things about the lessons is that they are fun and interesting and a good learning environment for me to develop my skills.
I like the way the lessons are planned; it helps me to learn and progress in the subject we are studying. The teachers are understanding and obviously care for our education and that is something I am truly grateful for.
At AVA the lessons are helpful and help me build a good foundation for the future .The teachers are caring and nice and I love being in classes with my friends so we can learn together.
The things I like about AVA is that if there is a problem there is always a teacher that you can go to.  When I was bullied teachers sorted it out straight away.
I would like to thank the other members of staff in the Aylesbury Vale Academy who have made me the person I am today.  I started off year 9 horrendously and now it is almost the end of year 9 and my behaviour has fantastically improved. I am so proud of myself and the school in general; if it wasn't for Mr R Burman with his excellent school rules I don't think I would be the person I am today in school.  Also Miss S Dutson who has helped me a lot throughout the school year looking forward for the big move up to year 10...
I think that most of the teachers in this school are incredibly amazing and lovely.  The teachers in this school are so kind.
The new executive principal has already tackled successfully poor attendance, punctuality and unacceptable behaviour.’ (Ofsted November 2016)
Leaders encourage a culture of mutual respect and tolerance through a programme of assemblies. Leaders also oversee the atrium and playground areas so that pupils are able to mix socially and, if they wish, engage in recreational games and activities. Leaders are highly visible at breaks and lunchtimes.’ (Ofsted November 2016)
Leadership has improved dramatically since the new executive principal joined the school in April 2016. He has been ably supported by the vice-principal, who has been persuaded to stay on.’ (Ofsted November 2016)
The executive principal is driven by the highest of aspirations for the community. The sponsors have been fortunate to appoint someone with the executive principal’s track record of excellence and successful school improvement. His clear moral purpose is evident in the few well-chosen words he uses to describe what he is seeing.’ (Ofsted November 2016)