We want to enrich and develop our pupils through the breadth of our curriculum. An exciting and broad curriculum encourages children to come to school and enjoy their learning. By providing a curriculum that is increasingly active, we seek to engage all pupils so that they transition to secondary school as confident, healthy and happy members of the community.

We believe that a happy learner is one who has positive self-esteem and the confidence to take on challenges with the resilience to see them through; the ability to solve problems and find the means to discover solutions for themselves with the understanding that mistakes are opportunities to both learn and grow. Our intention is to widen children’ horizons and develop cultural capital by providing a wealth of opportunities and setting high expectations in terms of achievements, personal development, behaviour and attitudes.

Our commitment

  • To enable all learners to be immersed in a diverse, knowledge-rich environment that harnesses a passion to question the world around them.
  • To equip children with learning skills that empower them to become self-motivated, life-long learners who take risks and strive for their best achievement, able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • To promote fundamental British Values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; enabling pupils to take responsibility for their actions and to take pride in all they do.
  • To develop a thirst for new knowledge and skills, allowing creativity to thrive.
  • To develop life-long learning skills including: reciprocity, resilience, reflectiveness and resourcefulness and recall through a growth mindset approach.
  • Use technology, offsite visits, visitors and experience days to enhance the curriculum and engage learners.
  • Ensure all learners have equal opportunities for success through high expectations and skilful response to the needs of all pupils.

Principles of the Curriculum

Although the school serves its pupils and the community in a variety of ways, its core purpose is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. We strive to ensure our curriculum is accessible to all by making it exciting, inspiring, relevant and purposeful. All children receive a consistent experience that leads to them making excellent progress. We celebrate children’s individual achievements, strengths and success and have high aspirations so that all children can achieve.

Our curriculum has a firm Christian and moral ethos, where views and ideas are respected and valued. We work together so that we become active members of the community and citizens of the world, understanding how we relate to the world around us. Where possible and appropriate, the curriculum is planned using cross-curricular topics or themes. However, it is flexible and responsive to children’s ideas and interests; local and world issues and news events; and issues and events occurring in school.

Pupils are immersed in our school values, Respect, Aspiration and Resilience as well as fundamental British values to enable them to develop positive learning behaviours and play a full part in our local community.