Early Years

Provision in the nursery and in our reception classes is organised to support the development of the 3 prime areas of learning for children from birth to 5 years old. These are communication and language, physical development; and personal social and emotional development.

By focusing on these areas, children form a firm foundation on which to build future learning and help they develop the skills necessary for developing reading and writing, for understanding of the world and for engaging with the arts and design.

Through a rich choice of play-based activities as well as group and individual learning with teachers and other adults, the children develop the skills of listening and developing language to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings; they develop the skills to control and coordinate their bodies and handle equipment and resources and they develop an awareness of themselves, of others and of their feelings and relationships.

Our Early Years classrooms are designed to enable children to develop independence by accessing high quality resources independently and by quickly establishing strong relationships between staff and pupils and amongst their peers.   This emphasis on relationships helps to create a nurturing ethos which complements the strong emphasis on good manners and good behaviour and helps to develop the confidence and well-being that is crucial for children to learn and thrive. 

Pupils who are ready to do so begin work on early phonics during the latter part of the nursery year and it is taught daily for all children from reception onwards.  The school follows the Read Write Inc phonics scheme,  initially working in whole class groups in reception before moving into working in groups tailored to each child's ability later in the year. 

Long-term curriculum plans are available below and more information about topics is published on a half-termly basis in our currciculum newsletter available from the Communication and Newsletters page.   Details about the end of year expectations for nursery and reception as well as information on how to support your child in phonics and other areas of learning are available from our Support for Parents page.