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About Us

The world of Media has been growing and developing over the past century, from the birth of cinema in 1895, to the first BBC transmission in 1929. Just 24 years later nearly 20 million people watched the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Since then, the Media has become an integral, indispensable and inescapable part of our culture; it informs, entertains, persuades and communicates with a global community.

In the Media Department at The Aylesbury Vale Academy, we believe it is essential that our young people understand and interact with this phenomenon. They are bombarded with images and products 24/7 and need to be Media-savvy to negotiate this barrage of information.

Media students are able to deconstruct Media products and open them up to close analysis. They can decode the messages in a text and understand how and why they communicate effectively (or not!) with their target audience. Media students can also respond to a production brief; completing meaningful planning activities and creating professional Media products using a range of hardware, software and other materials. Imaginative, creative and academic; well-rounded individuals who are ready to succeed in our fast moving, modern world.

The Media Team

Curriculum Leader: Mrs R Leach

 Mr I Ferguson

Teacher: Mrs L Hallam


Key Stage 4

GCSE Media Studies

At GCSE, Media students have the opportunity to study a range of theories and concepts that are integrated into the practical work. It is an academically challenging, creative and dynamic course that informs young people about our contemporary, Media rich society. Key concepts are Media language, Institutions, Audience and Representation explored across all three platforms: print, broadcast and e-Media

Details of Assessment: Two written exams, each accounting for 35% of final grade, and one Non-Examination Assessment focused on a given brief accounting 30% of final grade.

Key Stage 5

A Level Communication and Culture

This innovative, new post16 course from AQA gives students the opportunity to ‘study everyday life’. It encourages the study of the ways in which personal identity is negotiated; both psychologically (internally) and through social interaction (externally) and encourages the critical reading of ourselves as culturally significant texts. Students will be analysing their position in society and making sense of such phenomena as clothing, hairstyles, body adornments, language, personal possessions and personal taste in the context of contemporary British society. It incorporates all the major critical theories, from Marxism, to feminism, making Comms an excellent preparation for the academic rigour of university.

Details of Assessment: 50% exam, 50% course work including an audio visual piece

A Level Media Studies

A Level Media Studies is designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Media and its role in your daily life. The course introduces you both to Media ideas and the practice of production, which gives you the chance to develop a real understanding of Media platforms, the contemporary Media landscape and the influential role of the Media in today’s society. This course helps you develop three relationships with the Media. As a consumer you’ll become more aware of the many ways in which Media messages are presented to us, as well as discovering how the institutions which produce and distribute Media products are trying to reach you. And if you want a career in Media, producing and evaluating your own Media productions will give you a real hands-on understanding of both how Media messages are created and what they are aiming to do.

Details of Assessment

50% exam, 50% course work including linked production pieces.


We are extremely excited about our sparkling new Mac Suite which will provide our students with the opportunity to produce beautiful practical work using new software. We also have a collection of brand new video cameras and tripods to add to our complement of new technology.

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