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PE News 2018 - 2019

Kit Reminder

We will be continuing to provide two hours of PE during curriculum time for all Key Stage 3 students, with Key stage 4 & 5 receiving at least 1 hour of core PE. We stress that all pupils should be wearing the correct PE kit when participating in lessons and after school clubs. Below is a reminder of those expectations:

  • Navy sports polo with Aylesbury Vale Academy logo.
  • AVA navy tracksuit bottoms.
  • AVA navy shorts.
  • Suitable trainers.
  • AVA rain jacket/jumper.

        *Leggings and hoodies are not to be worn during any PE lessons.


We have already had a very successful start to the year with Extra Curricular clubs, with over 400 students participating in a club since the start of the term! We are offering a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs to all year groups which can be seen below.


Since returning in September we have gained a new sporting facility which has been extensively used by students within lesson time and after school. The new state of the art Gym consists of a variety of cardio machines, resistance machines and free weights which has been a fantastic asset, especially when teaching elements of GCSE Physical Education. 

Fixture Results

Girls Football: AVA v John Colet: Won 2-1

Year 7 Football: AVA v Highcrest County Cup: Won 1-0 / AVA v John Colet: Lost 2-1

Year 8 Football: AVA v John Colet: Lost 4-0  / AVA v John Hampden Grammar County Cup: Lost 6-1

Year 9 Football: AVA v Highcrest: Won 6-4    

Year 10 Football: AVA V John Colet: Lost 6-1 / AVA V Highcrest County Cup: Lost 0-5

Congratulations to all the teams so far! It has been fantastic to see so many students representing the school and showing such great sportsmanship and team spirit.

About Us

The philosophy which guides The Aylesbury Vale Academy Physical Education department is clear: to cherish the value of each and every individual, to ascribe equal importance to all forms of genuine and worthy achievement, to ensure that each student is able to achieve their very best possible results.

The PE Department is fully in support of this philosophy: as a department we are proud of the students who achieves success in foundation level performances as much as we are proud of our successful elite performers. We relishes the opportunity to inspire, help and improve all our students.

The Physical Education curriculum contributes towards the promotion of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students through a range of activities in both lessons and extra-curricula provision. We empower students to develop a positive self-image and also to care for not only each other but also their school environment.

As teachers we show respect for each individual's contribution and are sensitive to their needs and feelings. Developing knowledge of one's strengths and weaknesses enables each student to accept both success and failure and to develop an appreciation of the achievements of others. Through the development of positive relationships and self-image it is hoped that when they use the school environment during enrichment sport, students are more likely to show respect towards and care for that environment.


The sporting facilities at the school are outstanding. The school has a large playing field, an excellent sports hall, with four badminton courts and cricket nets. We also have a 3G floodlit football pitch, an all-weather floodlit hockey pitch, 2 multi use games area for Netball and Tennis and a fitness/weights room.

Throughout Year 7-11 students are provided with dedicated PE lessons, which are taught by specialist staff, and students in Year 12 & 13 also have opportunities in sporting activities once a week. 

The PE Team

Curriculum Leader: Miss L Fuller 

 Miss N Hennessy"I have always been actively involved in sport from a young age, but I am particularly interested in Athletics and Cross country, mainly due to my accomplishments in these areas at both county and national level. I also enjoy fitness and have participated in a variety of events such as; Tour de Vale, Rat Race and Rough Runner. I have also had the opportunity to participate in the Camp America programme where I have led a variety of sports and activities to under privileged children in New York. One of my main aims as a teacher is to provide a positive learning atmosphere, where students feel confident, relaxed and thrive for the need to develop themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. I am passionate about raising the standard of PE so that pupils enjoy not only the practical nature of the subject but develop their academic knowledge and skills which can be transferred to their other studies and wider life." 

Teacher of PE: Mr T Verity 

 Mr C Bacon"I have always had a passion for sport. Particularly football, I have been lucky enough to play football for my county and also at a professional club as part of the academy set up. I also have a keen interest in both Rugby and Fitness. I use my spare time to coach rugby to early years and also stay in shape by going to the gym as often as I possibly can. I decided I wanted to become a PE teacher when I was in secondary school, this is due to the teacher that I had at the time showing so much passion and knowledge for the subject area. I believe as a teacher you need a real passion and love for your subject and that is what I aim to show and pass on through my teaching. I feel PE is a great tool in helping students physically, mentally and socially. Helping them to excel across the curriculum and in later life".

Teacher of PE: Miss L Pinker

Miss L Pinker"I have always had a desire and love for sport, and the passion grew when I was scouted for Reading Football Academy at a young age. This spiralled to playing at a Semi-Professional level at the age of 16-years-old and this progressed to being involved with the England and Holland National Teams. I have coached sport for many years at various levels, and this is the reason why I begun following my passion. I believe that sport and physical activity should be enjoyed and utilised by all, not only as it encourages self-confidence, enhances technique and ability, but it also develops academic knowledge, with the aim to inspire young individuals to achieve their ambitions". 

Teacher of PE: Mr P Lant 

Mr P Last

"I have always been involved in sport, previously playing Football, Basketball, Badminton, Rugby before taking up Futsal at University and working as a fitness consultant in a gym. I thoroughly enjoy teaching a range of sports and fitness and believe all students have the right to participate and learn.

My vision is to help pupils keep physically active and understand the need to be lifelong physically active. I aim to develop the physical literacy of pupils and help students develop transferable skills through PE, as well as helping develop their sporting abilities and knowledge across a range of activities".

Teacher of PE: Miss Walker

Information to follow.

Teacher of PE: Mr Weedon

Information to follow.

Assistant Principal/Achievement Director Y 11/Teacher of PE: Miss J Gibbs

"I believe that sport and physical education should be enjoyed by all, my aim is to achieve an environment where all students can thrive and reach their very best. I want to encourage students to have lifelong participation in physical activity by offering a range of sports inside and outside of lessons. My love for sport started at a very young age I have played a number of sports at different levels including hockey, football and rugby. I have also ran the London Marathon."


Key Stage 3

The philosophy that underpins Physical Education at Aylesbury Vale Academy focusses on the importance of regular physical activity as a crucial factor in helping young people develop and maintain physical and mental well-being. Through Physical Education we seek to help children develop confidence, resilience, team-work, and leadership, all of which are so important for an individual to succeed in life and maximise their potential in their academic studies. All students participate in at least two hours of Physical Education every week covering many differing sports and activities with a particular emphasis on Rugby due to The Aylesbury Vale Academy being a part of the All Schools Rugby initiative. 

The activities students complete in years 7, 8 and 9 are part of a spiral curriculum building on the previous year’s skills and experience.  The topics that students learn in years 7, 8 and 9 are:

  • Games (Invasion, net and striking, fielding games)
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Outdoor/ Adventure
  • Health and Fitness

Key Stage 4

The Core PE curriculum at Key Stage 4 is founded on the same principles as Key Stage 3, seeking to support students’ health and well-being at a time when academic studies are focusing in on final GCSE outcomes. All students participate in Physical Education every week just as in they do in Key Stage 3 and through PE lessons a broad range of sports and activities are delivered with the intention of providing a balanced programme that inspires students to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle beyond their school years into adult life. They also decide on roles that best suit them, including performer, coach, choreographer, leader and official. The perception they have of their skill and physical competence gives them the confidence to get involved in exercise and activity outside school and in later life.

In curriculum PE students cover all the sports listed in Key Stage 3 as well as being able to do additional extras such as weight training and fitness. 


GCSE Level (Year 10 & 11)

Students who choose to study GCSE PE at Key Stage 4 follow a 60/40 practical to theory weighted course with a high emphasis on performance following the new 9-1 OCR syllabus.

  • Paper 1: Physical factors affecting performance
  • Paper 2:Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology
  • Practical Performance
  • Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP): Coursework

NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award Health and Fitness

Students who choose to study the Technical Award at Key Stage 4 follow a 40/60 weighted course. 40% of the qualification will be an external examination followed by a synoptic coursework project which is worth the final 60%. There is no practical assessment or examination in this course/qualification.

It is aimed at students who are interested in the health and fitness industry sector. This qualification is designed to match the rigour and challenge of GCSE study. The qualification is graded at Level 1 Pass / Merit / Distinction / Distinction* and Level 2 Pass / Merit / Distinction / Distinction* (equivalent to GCSE grades 8.5–1).

6th Form

Year 12 & 13 students have one hour of curriculum PE a week, where they can choose from the same range of sports as Key Stage 4.

PE Kit

Please could we remind you that it is essential for all students to wear appropriate kit for their PE lessons. The purpose of our PE kit is:

  • Personal hygiene and safety
  • Increasing students’ sense of pride and belonging – both in PE lessons and when representing the school
  • Provide an image that does not replicate that of other local secondary schools

During PE lessons, students are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind, including watches, necklaces and earrings; these must be removed and can be safely secured during lessons.

PE Uniform

  • Navy sports polo with Aylesbury Vale Academy logo
  • AVA or plain navy tracksuit bottoms/navy shorts/navy skorts
  • AVA or plain navy rain jacket/jumper/fleece
  • Suitable trainers

Please note that leggings on their own, hoodies and coats are not to be worn during any PE lessons.

Zip Sweatshirt
Rain Jacket




Sport Socks











Tracksuit Bottoms





PE Polo Shirt









Extra-Curricular Activities

There is an extremely good extra-curricular programme and good community links. We provide a very comprehensive and extensive extra-curricular programme for the whole school and every year group, including sixth form and staff.

Extra-curricular clubs are running in the following activities: rugby, football, badminton, cricket, cheerleading, athletics, basketball, tennis, hockey, netball, rounders, gym/weights room, Zumba, cheerleading and handball. 

Click on the link below to access the current extra-curricular timetable:

» Extra-curricular PE & Sport Timetable Spring 2019

Primary School Links

Improving our links with the local community is an integral part of our work, as is the work with Berryfields  Primary School in easing the transition between primary and secondary school. The school provides young people the opportunity to access a range of excellent facilities and equipment, with two of our PE department regularly delivering PE lessons within the Aylesbury Vale Academy site.

We also have a group of excellent Sport Leaders who engage in a variety of leadership opportunities at The Aylesbury Vale Academy and Berryfields Primary School, such as helping out with the organisation and running of primary school sports festivals, sports day as well as after school clubs. This helps to build their confidence and develop our students as future leaders, many of whom have already gone on to a future in teaching, coaching and officiating.

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