• Giving the especially difficult year myself and my daughter have been experiencing I could not have asked for better support from Mrs Clark and the other teachers. I’m so pleased they’re helping us through this and ensuring my daughter is happy.
  • Overall, we are happy about whole staff service. Especially our daughter is happy to go to school and learn a lot and personally huge improvement for her. Thanks a lot for all your effort and support.
  • My son LOVES his class, all his friends and teachers. He comes home happy and we are enjoying hearing all the things he has learnt and been doing during his time at school.
  • Lovely caring environment with caring staff. 
  • My child is very happy at preschool. She hates to miss school, and often tries to hide being poorly from me so that she can still attend - which goes to show how much she loves it and how comfortable she feels here. 
  • My son loves being at preschool, he learns something new each week.
  • The staff are easy to talk to and always have time to listen. 
  • My child is very Happy at school. 
  • Services are good.
  • I’m happy to see that my son happily goes into the class and he’s always positive about school and his friends there. 
  • All staff are great, my child is extremely happy to go to school.
  • I'm pleased with the teachers. 
  • My child is happy at the pre-school. 
  • Always approachable and ready to help.
  • My daughter is very happy she seems settled and loves the staff at AVA preschool.

The environment

  • The layout is easy for the children to enjoy with space and time, ensuring they can all play with different things at different times - my daughter loves home corner and the water play area in particular.
  • My son is always talking about what he played with, he loves being outside exploring and playing.
  • Clean & safe.
  • Environment is good for the kids different things for them to do.
  • The classroom always looks full of great things to learn and explore and looks a lot of fun to be in.
  • Its very impressive.
  • Lots of daily activities noticeable at drop off, and my child is more than happy with all other options/activities offered and provided.
  • Very good and clean.
  • The preschool room is arranged well with lots to keep  children busy and it is hygienic.
  • Looks attractive for kids.


  • Always deal with concerns in a timely manner and receive an update.
  • Great staff & easily approachable.
  • We have liaised with the keyworker regarding our son and we feel listened to. He is very well looked after. The staff are lovely.
  • The teachers are great. They have supported my son and helped him achieve milestones. 
  • Always informative and equally receptive of circumstances.
  • I really appreciate the staff. They are very helpful, caring and completely involved with the little ones in every aspect of their growth and development. 
  • I am confident that the staff is always there to help children and that they are safe and looked after. If I have any concerns I know that I can talk to a member of staff and they will help me to solve it. 
  • Very happy with the level of concern to my child’s needs. 
  • We have only had one issue that was dealt with appropriately and with my child in mind, and the issue hasn’t happened again since. 
  • Always gives time to listen and deals with concerns asap.
  • Happy with all the staff members.