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Welcome to the PTA section of our website. The AVA PTA is very active and raises thousands of pounds every year to enhance the education of the children at the school.  The PTA is a way for parents and carers of children in the academy to come together and help support the work of the school.


We're a friendly, welcoming group and all parents are automatically members. Please come along to a meeting or speak to a committee member if you'd like to find out more, alternatively email theavapta1@gmail.com.

We organise a number of fun events for Parents, Children and the Community. These include:

  • Bingo
  • Quiz
  • Discos
  • Magic Show
  • Christmas Fair
  • Film Afternoons

We have recently contributed towards the following trips/experiences:

  • Outdoor toys for Primary school
  • Trip to the Zoo for KS1
  • Farm Experience for Early Years
  • Year 6 Residential
  • Year 4 Residential
  • Pantomime for all Primary children
  • Recorders for Year 3

PTA Latest News


The following are just some of the ways the AVA PTA are raising funds. Please help support us by shopping via the following link for the just giving machine, or maybe you need arts and crafts, why not try a free toucan box (+p&p), or maybe you’ve thought about changing energy supplier to Octopus! Then please use our unique link. 

The Giving Machine 🛍 🛒 💻 

Whenever you order online, please can we ask you to use our platform THE GIVING MACHINE. It’s basically a search engine for all major retailers and supermarkets in one place and our PTA will get a small percentage back. As always, the AVA PTA want to thank you for your support. We are truly blessed to be part of this community. 


Toucan Box Subscriptions🎨 

Try a FREE toucan box (plus £2.95 postage) 

For those of you looking for activities to entertain the kids the AVA PTA have partnered with Toucan Box, the PTA will receive £5 per subscription. 


Octopus energy🐙 

If you’ve decided to change your gas and or electricity supplier and have done the necessary research and then decide to go with Octopus Energy, please sign up via this link and both yourself and the AVA PTA will receive a £50 credit each. 


As always I’d like to thank you all for your support.


(Chair of the AVA PTA)

Upcoming Events

Watch this space!

PTA Committee

  • Caroline McNamara - Chairperson
  • Clare Wilks - Secretary
  • Laura Jennings - Treasurer
  • Jemma Amner - Elected Committee Member 
  • Justine Allen - Elected Committee Member   
  • Kat Upton - Elected Committee Member
  • Laura Sarnowski - Elected Committee Member
  • Sophie Gibbons - Elected Committee Member
  • Tamara Donaldson - Elected Committee Member  

We aim to hold a meeting monthly, and would love to see some new faces!  Come along to see what goes on and if you can make a contribution, however big or small.

Earn Money for AVA PTA by labelling your children's school clothes!!!!

AVA PTA has teamed up with Stamptastic, Stikins and My Name Tags to make sure you never lose your children's clothes again.

Choose one of the following and please put in the codes below when asked, or click on the relevant links.

Click on link below to place an order, quoting our PTA code.
Website: stamptastic.co.uk
PTA code: HP180FG
Click on link below to place an order and quote our school ID.
Website: www.mynametags.com
School ID: 104930
Click on button below to place an order, using our fundraising code.
Website: www.stikins.co.uk
Fundraising Code: 36013
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