Radio Club is run after schools in AVA Primary.

The students are tasked with researching, writing and presenting their podcast episodes about a subject of their choice. With help from teachers, they are able to create their own episodes, and are learning excellent skills, such as summarising, writing, researching, presenting and audio editing. Radio Club is on offer to all students from year 4 to year 6 every term.

Radio Club Presents Break Time



AVA Primary Radio Club would like to present a brand new project, written, recorded and edited by the students at AVA Primary.


Hemashree presents Episode 1, where she talks about the different clubs that were on offer at AVA Primary during the Spring term.



Ethan presents Episode 2, where he discusses different elements of Extreme Earth that he has been learning about this year.



Daniel presents Episode 3, where he discusses a number of activities that he got up to on this years Year 6 residential trip.


Episode 4

Abby presents Episode 4, where she discusses a range of different things she got to do in year 6.


Episode 5

Delilah presents Episode 5, where she talks about how year 4 celebrated the coronation of King Charles III.


Episode 6

Hemashree and Daniel presents Episode 6, where they discuss wonderful facts about space.


Episode 7

Shelby presents Episode 7, where she tells you a few cool facts about Vikings.